Tubeway provide a wide range of draught exclusion options for doors, windows, frames, garages, cars, boats and caravans that come in handy packs with self adhesive and fittings where required. Doors can be insulated either by attaching excluders to the door itself, or sticking them on the frame, and all sorts of windows, including hinged, sash and sliding doors can be insulated using Easyfix draught excluders. A wide selection of letterbox excluders are also detailed. For a heavy duty option, the Weatherseal strips can give waterproof insulation and be ideal in many other situations.

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Easyfix draught excluder door packs


A range of draught excluders designed to seal the top and sides of standard doors. Different plastic, metal and wooden finishes, with a choice of bubble, blade, bristle or foam excluders, supplied in sets of 2 x 2.1m and 1 x 914mm lengths, or as trade packs with 25 or 50 longer lengths for cutting down. The sets are retail presented and come with fixings and full instructions.

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A variety of door bottom draught excluders, with flexible blades, 20mm polypropylene brushes or 40mm polypropylene brushes. There are different colours and finishes for the carriers, with anodised aluminium, plastic and wood, all supplied in packs of standard 914mm door width, or 2.1m lengths suitable for cutting down. Packs come with screws and fitting instructions.

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Easyfix draught excluder threshold packs
Easyfix draught excluder letterbox packs


From Duo letterboxes, with internal and external flaps and seals, that also line the door cavity, in a choice of 70mm or 50mm height, to single screw on brush seal or flap insulation letterplates, Tubeway has a letterbox design to suit your wooden or PVC door. All designs come in a choice of attractive colours, with suitable fitments and instructions.

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Many styles and sizes of rectangular foam, EPDM E and P strips and Bristle seals all designed to close gaps around doors, windows and sliding doors for draught, dirt, rattle and even water insulation, with the heavy duty Weatherseal strips. All coiled, with self adhesive applied and easy to install, there will be a draught excluder to suit your requirements.

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Easyfix draught excluder foam epdm bristle
Acoustic Smoke Seal


New to the Easyfix range is the Acoustic Smoke Seal that delivers 3-in-1 insulation against noise, smoke and heat loss. It sticks to the frame, forming an air pocket on contact with the closed door or window.

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