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Tubeway (Sales) Ltd are manufacturers, stockists and distributors of Magnetglaze, which is a cost effective detachable Magnetic Glazing system that can be easily installed with a few simple tools. Tubeway also supply Magnetglaze Sash kits, as an add-on to Magnetglaze, which allow multiple thermally sealed panels that can be individually removed and parked for convenient storage - click through to our Magnetglaze Sash page for more details of our standard and Heavy Duty kits.

Like all of our Easyfix Secondary Glazing systems, Magnetglaze can cut fuel costs by reducing heat loss and eliminating draughts, as well as insulating against noise. Click through for details of all the DIY Glazing systems we offer.

We only recommend using Polycarbonate or Acrylic sheet with Magnetglaze. 2mm thick plastic glazing sheet should be suitable for most windows, but 3mm or 4mm can be used for large windows if required, particularly to add rigidity. Please note that the Magnetglaze Sash kits are designed to work with 4mm or 2mm thick Polycarbonate or Acrylic glazing sheet.

Tubeway also manufacture a version of this magnetic system that has a rigid PVC capping attached to the magnetic strip, enabling framing of the glazing sheet. Click through for Magnetglaze Pro product details. However, as an optional extra on the Magnetglaze packs, we offer Magnetglaze Finishing Trim, a self-adhesive white or brown flat strip which can be mitred, that smartens the overall appearance and covers the sheet edge and magnetic strip below.

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Magnetglaze is available either in 5m kits or 30m bulk packs. The 30m rolls of steel and magnetic strip are in separate cardboard dispensing packs, making it easy to measure and use, or for retailers, enabling Magnetglaze to be easily sold by the foot or metre.

Because Magnetglaze uses self-adhesive tape, it is best to clean and degrease the window surround before use, with, for example, Easyfix Surface Preparation Wipes. 2 sachets of the Wipes are included with each 5m Magnetglaze kit, and they can be bought in packs of 10 for use with the bulk 30m packs.

The simple Magnetglaze kit comprises two self-adhesive flexible strips which are each 12mm wide. The metallic strip is applied around the window frame using double sided tape; it is white faced, presenting a neat appearance if the glazed panel is not in position. The magnetic glazing strip, also self-adhesive, is placed on the Plastic Glazing Sheet - we do NOT recommend using glass with the basic kit.

For large windows, such as 1200mm x 1200mm or bigger, you can place a couple of screws immediately below the glazing panel to add support and prevent the chance of it slipping or detaching. Always fit Magnetglaze panels to the internal window frame and never to an opening window light.

Although the appearance of Magnetglaze is quite unobtrusive, it is possible to smarten it and hide any slight defects on the cut edge of the glazing sheet, by adding Magnetglaze Finishing Trim. This 20mm wide self-adhesive brown or white flat strip has rounded edges and can easily be mitred for excellent cosmetic results.

magnetglaze easyfix diy secondary glazing from tubeway magnetglaze without finishing trim magnetglaze with finishing trim

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magnetglaze kits and dispensing packs
Product Code Pack £ ex Vat
Magnetglaze Kit MG05 3 x 5m* 40.00
Magnetglaze Bulk Pack MG30 30m 48.00
Magnetglaze High Bulk Pack MG150 5 x 30m 225.00
Magnetglaze Finishing Trim White MGFT15W 3 x 5m** 18.00
Magnetglaze Finishing Trim Brown MGFT15B 3 x 5m** 18.00
Surface Preparation Wipes SPW01 10 sachets 2.20

* Each 5m Kit contains fitting instructions, 2 wipes, barcode and hanging facility
** Each pack contains 3 coiled strips with adhesive tape applied, and 3 Surface Preparation Wipes

Easyfix Magnetglaze can be purchased online by following this link:

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PLEASE NOTE You can buy items from this site by phone subject to a £50 goods minimum order, plus Carriage and Vat. Alternatively, all Secondary Glazing and Draught Excluder products are available to buy online, in packs or singly, with cut-to-size sheet, from secondarydiyglazing.com.

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