Easyfix carpet metals are a range of strong aluminium strips which provide an elegant and easy to install solution to most carpet and vinyl flooring edging applications. Convex edging strips for carpets with different backings, butt and cover joints for carpet to carpet, carpet to vinyl and vinyl to vinyl, protective 90 degree edgings for matwells and stair nosings, all in short or long lengths and a choice of attractive silver or gold finishes.

Colours in product details are descriptive only - all of these products are aluminium, with long-lasting anodised colouration. Where screws are provided for fixing into place, suitable countersunk holes are pre-drilled.

If you have any queries on the Metal Carpet Edges range, or can’t find the edgings you are looking for, please contact us with your Carpet Metals enquiries.

Metal Carpet Edgings Product Video


This edging has a toothed base with a convex smooth angled face, for finishing the edges of carpet with rubber underlay.

easyfix single carpet edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Single Carpet Edge CE100 Silver 5 x 895mm 15.10
Single Carpet Edge CE130 Gold 5 x 895mm 21.70
Single Carpet Edge CE105 Silver 5 x 2700mm 37.00
Single Carpet Edge CE135 Gold 5 x 2700mm 54.50


Both sides of the edging are toothed, with a ribbed top section, for joining 2 carpets with rubber underlay.

easyfix double carpet edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Double Carpet Edge CE200 Silver 5 x 895mm 18.10
Double Carpet Edge CE230 Gold 5 x 895mm 26.50
Double Carpet Edge CE205 Silver 5 x 2700mm 45.30
Double Carpet Edge CE235 Gold 5 x 2700mm 66.70


This carpet metal is used for edging felt or foam backed carpet, or thick floor tiles. It has a plain recess with a smooth angled convex face.

easyfix felt or foam carpet edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Felt Carpet Edge CE300 Silver 5 x 895mm 17.20
Felt Carpet Edge CE330 Gold 5 x 895mm 24.90
Felt Carpet Edge CE305 Silver 5 x 2700mm 44.50
Felt Carpet Edge CE335 Gold 5 x 2700mm 67.80


This is a low notched edging with a sloping 45 degree face for finishing vinyls and floor tiles. It screws down from on top, with screws provided.

easyfix vinyl edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Vinyl Edge CE400 Silver 5 x 895mm 17.30
Vinyl Edge CE430 Gold 5 x 895mm 21.60
Vinyl Edge CE405 Silver 5 x 2700mm 38.30
Vinyl Edge CE435 Gold 5 x 2700mm 53.80


This carpet metal is designed to cover the join between two soft floor coverings. It is gently domed with ribbing on top, where it is screwed into place with the screws provided. The Easyfix Carpet Cover Edge is 37mm wide.

easyfix carpet cover edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Carpet Cover Edge CE500 Silver 5 x 895mm 17.90
Carpet Cover Edge CE530 Gold 5 x 895mm 24.40
Carpet Cover Edge CE505 Silver 5 x 2700mm 44.40
Carpet Cover Edge CE535 Gold 5 x 2700mm 61.30


This strip is used to cover the join between two hard floor coverings, such as vinyl or floor tiles. Screws are provided for installation. The Easyfix Vinyl Cover Edge is 25mm wide.

easyfix vinyl cover edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Vinyl Cover Edge CE600 Silver 5 x 895mm 16.30
Vinyl Cover Edge CE630 Gold 5 x 895mm 19.30
Vinyl Cover Edge CE605 Silver 5 x 2700mm 35.40
Vinyl Cover Edge CE635 Gold 5 x 2700mm 48.60


These strips are designed for edging carpet around a recessed doormat with a 90 degree angle. The angle is heavily ribbed on the top surface to give a non-slip finish.

easyfix matwell angle edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Matwell Angle Edge CE700 Silver 5 x 895mm 18.20
Matwell Angle Edge CE730 Gold 5 x 895mm 26.40
Matwell Angle Edge CE705 Silver 5 x 2700mm 42.80
Matwell Angle Edge CE735 Gold 5 x 2700mm 65.40


This strip is used on carpeted stairs to avoid excessive wear to the carpet and provide extra grip with the heavily ribbed top surface. Easyfix Stair Nosing measures 37mm x 13mm.

easyfix stair nosing
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Stair Nosing CE800 Silver 5 x 895mm 24.60
Stair Nosing CE830 Gold 5 x 895mm 36.60
Stair Nosing CE805 Silver 5 x 2700mm 58.30
Stair Nosing CE835 Gold 5 x 2700mm 83.40


This carpet metal is designed to cover two floor covering edges where there is a significant gap between them. It has a ribbed non-slip surface, is attached using the screws provided, has strengthening on the underside and a cover width of 60mm.

easyfix vinyl cover edge
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Extra Wide Cover Edge CE900 Silver 5 x 895mm 27.90
Extra Wide Cover Edge CE930 Gold 5 x 895mm 37.90
Extra Wide Cover Edge CE905 Silver 5 x 2700mm 72.40
Extra Wide Cover Edge CE935 Gold 5 x 2700mm 93.40
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