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Tubeway supply a wide selection of traditional draught excluders that reduce or eliminate the passage of air through door and window frames, which leads to heat retention. Recently added to the Easyfix range is a new product that has additional benefits, offering a 3 in 1 package of insulation for either door or window frames where there is a gap. These benefits are:

  • Acoustic control, preventing noise from penetrating into the room by providing a deadening barrier
  • Smoke prevention, effective up to 200oC. Although this feature was designed with fire in mind, it also is effective against cooking smells or other pervasive odours
  • Draught exclusion, reducing heat loss by providing a barrier to air movement

This is all achieved by the design of the Seal, which is a 10mm self-adhesive Angle with small elastomeric fins. On contact with the closing door or window these fins bend back and form an air pocket that is the means to achieving the benefits above. When the door is opened, the fins return to their original position every time. The Acoustic Smoke seal is lightweight but strong and is easy to fit onto a clean, degreased, flat frame.

Please contact our Sales team for any Acoustic Smoke Seal enquiries.

acoustic smoke seal draught excluders

Easyfix acoustic smoke seal draught excluders

Acoustic Smoke Seal Draught Excluder Product Video


These Seals can be cut to size using strong scissors and stuck into place using the self-adhesive tape already applied. We recommend using Easyfix Surface Preparation Wipes to prepare the frame for best adhesion results.

easyfix standard foam draught excluder
Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Acoustic Smoke Seal
Acoustic Smoke Seal
5 x 2.1m
5 x 2.1m

Easyfix acoustic smoke seal draught excluders can be purchased online by following this link:

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PLEASE NOTE You can buy items from this site by phone subject to a £50 goods minimum order, plus Carriage and Vat. Alternatively, all Secondary Glazing and Draught Excluder products are available to buy online, in packs or singly, with cut-to-size sheet, from secondarydiyglazing.com.

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