In keeping with the history of Tubeway Sales Ltd, which was established in 1957 to supply extruded PVC curtain rails, we still stock universal accessories for hanging curtains in the home.

If you have a bulk enquiry for the products below please Contact us with your Curtain Accessory Requirements.


easyfix curtain hook display carton easyfix curtain hook packet

Easyfix Curtain Hooks are made to a universal design, suitable for attaching curtain headings or tape to standard curtain pole rings and track glides. They are manufactured from high density polythene (HDPE) making them strong and virtually unbreakable.

Our Curtain Hooks are supplied either in a bulk pack of 1000, or in multiples of smaller packs with retail presentation and a Euro-slot for hanging. The 50 packs of 20 hooks option comes in an outer display carton, pictured above.

Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Curtain Hooks CF070 White 50 x 20 pcs 24.80
Curtain Hooks CF075 White 10 x 100 pcs
Curtain Hooks CF080 White 1000 loose
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easyfix curtain wire hooks and eyes

Easyfix Curtain Wire is an ideal product for hanging net curtains and voiles in the home. Eyes are threaded into each end of the wire, which is then pushed through the top of the fabric and attached to hooks on the window frame.

Our Curtain Wire is supplied in 30m coils, packed in a dispensing bag and is easy to cut with pliers. Remember when cutting lengths to size to allow for the wire to stretch by about 5% when hung, as this commonly happens.

Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Curtain Wire CW10 White 30m 13.00
Curtain Wire Hooks CW20 n/a 200 pcs
Curtain Wire Eyes CW30 n/a 200 pcs
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easyfix curtain hooks £50 minimum order
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