Choosing your Easyfix DIY Garden Products

Climber Frames

Tubeway's Wigwam Climber Frames comprise hollow tubes that are 14mm in diameter, thrust into the ground and then tied together using the cable tie and drilled holes provided to make a climbing frame for plants. These come in two sizes:

  • 2100mm long, 10 poles and tie, for large head height displays
  • 950mm long, 6 poles and tie, for smaller pot or border displays

Their principle advantage over bamboo canes is that they are completely rot-proof, being made of 100% recycled PVC. Like bamboo they have a certain amount of natural "whip" to them, enabling them to be curved as required, and even to be used as low level hurdles for netting over vulnerable plants.

Each set is individually wrapped with instructions.

Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Wigwam Climber Frames (10 x 2100mm) WF01 Dark 5 Sets 35.00
Mini Wigwam Frames (6 x 950mm) WF02 Dark 5 Sets 20.00
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easyfix wigwam frames for climbing plants

Rot Proof Trellis

The Trellis kits are made from the same recycled, rot proof plastic as the Wigwam Frames. Each Trellis comprises 5 x 2100mm poles, along with shorter poles to use as cross members, for a neat appearance and sturdy construction. The long poles are gathered and bound at the base, then fanned and attached to the struts with plastic ties, giving a frame that can be easily attached to a wall or fence. The 14mm tube diameter gives perfect space for climbing plants to be trained up the Trellis for stunning displays.

Each kit is individually wrapped, containing poles, ties and instructions.

Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Rot Proof Trellis Kits TR01 Dark 3 Kits 23.60
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rot proof garden trellis kits
easyfix polycarbonate cloche with lid on

easyfix polycarbonate cloche with lid off

Polycarbonate UV Protected Cloches

New to the Easyfix DIY range are our Cloche kits, which are ideal for the protection of young plants and seedlings against extreme weather, frost, birds and other pests. These rectangular kits comprise glass clear Polycarbonate sheet sides and lid, clipping into purpose made corners and angle edgings, offering the following benefits:

  • Easy and quick to assemble push fit construction (no tools required)
  • Glass clear sheet that is incredibly strong
  • Full UV protection for seedlings and young plants
  • Removable lid for immediate and repeated access e.g. for watering plants
  • Dismantles in seconds for out-of-season storage
  • Use directly on garden beds or in the greenhouse

There are two sizes to choose from, the larger Nursery Cloche and the medium sized Garden Cloche. Both were designed to accommodate standard sized (380 x 240mm) seed trays, or two planted rows of seedlings.

Nursery Cloche has internal dimensions of 1190 x 390mm, and is 250mm high. It has room for 5 seed trays inside.

Garden Cloche is 790 x 390mm, also being 250mm high. It has internal space for 3 seed trays.

Each Cloche kit contains 4 pieces each of corner edging for the sides and angle edging for the lid, with 2 long, 2 short side pieces of Polycarbonate sheet and a larger piece for the lid. Instructions are included for assembly.

Product Code Colour Pack £ ex Vat
Nursery Cloche Kit CLN01 Black/Clear Each 40.00
Garden Cloche Kit CLG01 Black/Clear Each 32.00
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"Unbreakable" Greenhouse Panes

Tubeway now stock packs of 2mm solid Polycarbonate glazing sheet, to replace broken panels in greenhouses. Containing 4 sheets of 608 x 608mm panels, these can be easily installed using existing clips and fittings and are completely see-through. Immensely strong, they are ideal where greenhouses are vulnerable to vandalism and stormy weather. Click through for a short video that demonstrates Polycarbonate Sheet Strength.

Product Code Dimensions (mm) Pack Size £ ex Vat
2mm Solid Polycarbonate
(Greenhouse Packs)
SP222 608 x 608 4 50.00
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easyfix unbreakable greenhouse panes
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