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Hingeglaze is a hinged insulation system that incorporates Magnetglaze Extreme magnetic edging for excellent insulation, a smart appearance and a high level of convenience. Strong stainless steel hinges are suitable for windows of all sizes, opening up to 145 degrees for quick access to the outer window for cleaning and ventilation purposes.

Hingeglaze is designed to be used with 4mm Polycarbonate glazing sheets, which are suitable to take self-tapping screws that attach the hinges. Woodscrews are provided for fitting the panel to your window surround. The 25mm wide magnetic tape is fitted to the reverse of the pane, which clips neatly onto steel tape on the window frame, making a secure thermal seal. 32mm Finishing Trim fits to the front of the pane between the hinges and on all sides, making an attractive and practical product.

To order Hingeglaze, click on one of the links to our online ordering site www.secondarydiyglazing.com where all the components to this system can be purchased. Orders through this site will have the hinges fitted to the sheet before despatch, removing a slightly tricky process from an otherwise straightforward DIY product. The site will also calculate the number of hinges needed for the size of your pane, with 2 if it is up to 1m high, 3 for up to 1.5m, 4 for up to 2m and 5 if larger than this.

Easyfix Hingeglaze hinged magnetic secondary glazing

Hingelglaze Secondary Glazing
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To buy Hingeglaze along with all Polycarbonate sheet, Magnetglaze Extreme and Finishing Trim, visit our purchasing site by clicking on the box on the right. All the information you need is there, with the video and instructions, along with all the other Easyfix DIY secondary glazing systems and draught excluders.

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