Magnetglaze Flyscreen Summer Ventilation System

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One of the benefits of the Easyfix Magnetglaze magnetic product range is the ease with which you can remove and replace panels. Leave them up in winter, spring and autumn, take them away for the summer, or even take a panel down during the day for ventilation, replacing it at night for heat and noise insulation. All the while, the steel strip stays on the window surround. In summer in particular, you can now use this steel for a simple magnetic flyscreen, made the same size as the panel it replaces, and stop your ventilation turning into open season for flies, moths, spiders and creepy crawlies in general, and get the benefit of fresher air in the comfort of knowing that airborne teeth and stings can't get in through the open window.

Magnetglaze Flyscreen is a simple kit, comprising a discreet grey coated fibreglass mesh (1mm x 1.5mm), magnetic tape in order to attach it to the steel on your window surrounds, a lipped edging to give a neat framed appearance, and a simple flat strip that can be cut into pieces that reinforce the corners and prevent you having to make a fine mitre where the edgings meet. The mesh is washable, the visible edgings are all white and all components are self-adhesive. During assembly of your screen from the kit, the mesh can be pulled taut before sticking the magnets and edging either side of the edges, where these two components effectively adhere to each other through the mesh to give a frame that will flex to the contours of your window if needed. To avoid any chance of separation at the corners, the addition of the corner trim gives a little extra rigidity where it is most beneficial. The mesh itself is easy to cut in straight lines and will not unravel due the the coating.

MG Flyscreen comes with sufficient components to make one or two large panels, or a number of smaller panels such as opening window lights. It is an add-on system to the very popular Magnetglaze [ link to magnetglaze page ] and Magnetglaze Pro [ link to MG Pro page ] standard (12.7mm width) products, as MG Flyscreen uses the same width magnets. It can be used with Magnetglaze Extreme and Pro Extreme systems as the standard magnets will of course still clip easily onto the wider steel, but wider magnets are not needed for such a light panel. Note that the Flyscreen kits do not include steel tape.

Magnetglaze Flyscreen - unobtrusive mesh with magnetic strips

Magnetglaze Flyscreen ventilation system

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Magnetglaze Flyscreen Kits and Accessories

Magnetglaze Flyscreen
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* Each kit contains 1 x 5m coil of adhesive magnetic tape, 4 x 1.5m lengths of adhesive 20mm wide Lipped Edging, 1 x 250mm lengths of adhesive Flat Trim for cutting into corner covers, and 1.5m x 1.5m of grey anti insect mesh.

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