Easyfix Magnetglaze Sash 2mm and 4mm Jointing Kits

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Magnetglaze Sash enables you to insulate your windows with a jointed magnetic plastic panel. Instead of using a single large sheet, or for the convenience of part access to the window for regular ventilation, you can simply join two panels using the specially designed jointing strips, which will maintain a thermal seal.

The 2mm Magnetglaze Sash kit is for smaller windows as it is designed for 2mm thick panels and uses a flexible joint.

Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty works with 4mm sheet for larger and draughty windows, making the panels easy to handle and fit into the rigid jointing strip, making them more stable against the natural movement caused by draughts.

Note that both kits are add ons for Magnetglaze edging systems, which also need to be purchased along with the Polycarbonate or Acrylic glazing sheets.

Magnetglaze Sash (2mm)
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Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty (4mm)
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2mm Magnetglaze Sash instructions

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Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty instructions

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Magnetglaze Sash is an add-on kit to standard 13mm wide Magnetglaze itself, designed to work with Sash windows or any other window where 2 or more thermally sealed windows are an advantage. The specially designed flexible jointing strip allows 2mm Polycarbonate or Acrylic panels to be quickly and easily removed, clipped or "parked" on each other for convenience and then quickly replaced when required. Please note that on very wide windows, it can be a little awkward to replace the pane within the jointing strip because of the pane flexing. Note also that draughty outer windows will cause the panes to move when it is windy outside - for these reasons it is best to use 4mm panels and the Heavy Duty kit below for large or draughty windows.

This system is ideal for accessing one part of a Sash window for ventilation, then insulating it at night, for example, against heat loss and noise intrusion. Each Kit contains sufficient for many windows. Magnetglaze Sash is simple and cost effective, allowing unobtrusive secondary glazing of period and attractive sash windows. It can also be retrofitted, with care, to existing Magnetglaze and Magnetglaze Extreme panels.

magnetglaze sash jointed panel kits

Pack Contents:

  • a 10m coil of white flexible jointing strip
  • a 10m roll of thin clear self-adhesive tape
  • 15m of extra steel tape
  • 12 each turn buttons and screws to support panels if required
  • 3 Surface Preparation Wipes
Product Code Pack £ ex Vat
Magnetglaze Sash Kit MGS02W see contents 38.60

Easyfix Magnetglaze Sash kits can be purchased online with standard Magnetglaze and cut-to-size glazing sheet by following this link:

link to secondarydiyglazing dot com


The Heavy Duty Sash kits are designed to use 4mm Polycarbonate or Acrylic glazing sheet, providing a more stable and rigid joint to make large windows easier to handle, and to counteract the effects of draughts on old sash windows. The rigid H Section joint has been specially designed to permanently grip the static pane, providing an easy to fit but still thermally sealed joint for the removable pane.

In addition to Magnetglaze / MG Extreme, the Heavy Duty kits can be used with Magnetglaze Pro / MG Extreme, but only with 4mm sheet. The clips contained in the the kits will accommodate either system, to anchor or reinforce one or both panels.

magnetglaze sash heavy duty jointed panel kits

Pack Contents:

  • 4 x 1500m lengths of White or Brown H Section
  • 12m coil of Bristle Seal in White or Brown
  • 4 x Surface Preparation Wipes
  • 50 Turnbutton Clips in White or Brown
  • 50 Woodscrews
Product Code Colour £ ex Vat
Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty Kit MGS04W White 38.80
Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty Kit MGS04B Brown 38.80

Heavy Duty Magnetglaze Sash kits can be purchased online with either Magnetglaze or Magnetglaze Pro (standard and Extreme versions) and cut to size Polycarbonate glazing sheet by following this link:

link to secondarydiyglazing dot com

PLEASE NOTE You can buy items from this site by phone subject to a £50 goods minimum order, plus Carriage and Vat. Alternatively, all Secondary Glazing and Draught Excluder products are available to buy online, in packs or singly, with cut-to-size sheet, from secondarydiyglazing.com.

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