Plastic glazing sheets available to order online
Order plastic glazing sheets online from Secondary DIY Glazing

Tubeway (Sales) Ltd stock and distribute clear plastic glazing sheet suitable for use in a number of secondary glazing and security applications. They are compatible with the range of Easyfix Secondary Glazing systems manufactured and supplied by us for the diy glazing enthusiast. The video below offers a comparison of glass and plastic glazing sheets, with their respective advantages and disadvantages:

Glazing Sheet Comparison Video

Glass or Plastic Glazing?

Weight can be a factor in your choice. To help you calculate the approximate weight for windows of any size, use this formula:

  • Height (m) x Width (m) x Thickness (mm) x Specific Gravity = Weight (kg)
  • Specific Gravity is 2.58 for Glass, 1.19 for Acrylic sheet and 1.22 for Polycarbonate sheet.
  • Therefore approx weight of a metre square of 4mm Glass is 10.32kg, and of 4mm Polycarbonate is 4.88kg
Details of our glazing sheet range can be found via the sections below. If you cannot find the plastic sheet you are looking for please contact us to discuss your Plastic Glazing Sheet requirements.

tubeway easyfix acrylic glazing sheet


Acrylic sheet is a polular choice for secondary glazing, as it offers excellent clarity, and is stronger and lighter than normal glass, although not as strong as Polycarbonate. It is not affected by temperature changes and is easy to work with tools. Glodex Acrylic sheet is UV stabilised on one side so offers protection against sunlight when installed correctly. For details, including pricing, click through for Acrylic Glazing Sheet details.

Product Range video on this page. Product Range video on this page


Polycarbonate sheet offers the transparency of glass and strength of steel at less than half the weight, making it ideally suited to secondary glazing, security and anti-vandal glazing. It is UV protected on both sides to fully protect against sunlight, has good thermal insulating qualities, is resistant to chemicals and is fire rated. For details, including pricing and break test video, click through for Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet details.

Product Range video on this page. Product Range video on this page

tubeway easyfix polycarbonate glazing sheet
easyfix glodex styrene sheet


Polystyrene sheet is a good alternative to ordinary glass for many applications, because it is lightweight, inexpensive and less hazardous when broken, although it will discolour over time in sunlight. Use for pictures, indoor features or greenhouses. For details of the limited stock range and other sizes that are available, click through for Styrene Sheet details.

Product Range video on this page. Product Range video on this page


  • Keep the protective film on the sheets as long as possible, to protect from scratching and to be able to identify which face of Acrylic sheet is UV protected (Polycarbonate sheet has both faces protected, Styrene has neither)
  • When cutting and drilling plastic sheet, keep speeds low to avoid the sheet getting hot - be prepared to let it cool down if required. Remove swarf from drill holes regularly to prevent jamming
  • Clean your glazing sheets with mild detergent and water. Never use abrasives or chemicals
  • Do not use a punch on Acrylic sheet and never over tighten screws
  • Acrylic sheet can be scored to half its depth, then lined up with the edge of a suitable firm flat surface (score line upwards), and then broken along the score line by applying even downward pressure