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Tubeway supply a comprehensive choice of cost effective seasonal glazing products, designed for easy installation by any DIY enthusiast, and not requiring any special tools to fit. Each product allows you to insulate your windows against heat loss and draughts, as well as noise, and most can be used with either plastic glazing sheet or glass. All of our secondary glazing systems are suitable for removal in warmer weather, and re-installation of the glazed panels when next required, although the Trackglaze systems allow simple slide opening for ventilation without panel removal.

For comprehensive information on heat retention, noise reduction, condensation and comparitive costs of glazing systems, click through to our Secondary Glazing Benefits page. There is also a gallery here showing examples of Secondary Glazing installations by our customers.

Some of Easyfix Secondary Glazing products are designed for specific sheet thickness, but if there is a choice, e.g. with Magnetglaze, we suggest a rough guide based on the sheet size in metres squared:

  • 2mm Sheet - up to 0.8m sq (will feel floppy until fitted and will bow)
  • 3mm Sheet - 0.8m to 1.2m sq
  • 4mm Sheet - over 1.2m sq (firmer fit but still some flexibility)
  • 5 or 6mm Sheet - use only with Magnetglaze Extreme products and Clipglaze. Panes are rigid but take account of their extra weight regarding handling.

Glass or Plastic glazing?

Weight can be a factor in your choice. To help you calculate the approximate weight for windows of any size, use this formula:
Height (m) x Width (m) x Thickness (mm) x Specific Gravity = Weight (kg)
Specific Gravity is 2.58 for Glass, 1.19 for Acrylic sheet and 1.22 for Polycarbonate sheet.
Therefore approx weight of a metre square of 4mm Glass is 10.32kg, and of 4mm Acrylic is 4.76kg

Windows Without Easyfix Secondary Glazing

Before secondary glazing and draught proofing

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Windows With Easyfix Secondary Glazing

After secondary glazing and draught proofing

Please click through on any of the sections below for details of each double glazing system, including stock sizes, dimensions, colours, pack quantities and prices. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you need larger quantities than shown or you are interested in retailing these products, contact us with your Secondary Glazing enquiries.

Each of the glazing Product pages has downloadable comprehensive fitting instructions and a link to an installation video.

easyfix trackglaze secondary glazing


Trackglaze Horizontal is a smart and easy to install system that gives instant access to your outer windows via simple slide opening. It uses Double Sliding track on all 4 sides of the window cavity, Bristle Seal draught excluder on the edges of each glazing sheet and an Angle for a finger-pull handle. All components are self-adhesive. Click through for Trackglaze Horizontal Secondary Glazing details.

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Trackglaze Vertical is an easy to use insulation system using vertical sliding panels. These are raised and lowered by hand, using simple Stop Strips to prop and support the window panes whether open or closed. With Double Tracks on all sides that contain insulating seals, and self adhesive or push fit components in a choice of colours, this is a suitable system for Sash windows. Watch and read about Trackglaze Vertical Secondary Glazing here.

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easyfix trackglaze vertical sliding secondary glazing
easyfix superglaze secondary glazing strip


Superglaze is a 2 part rigid PVC system suitable for 3mm and 4mm glass, or plastic sheet from 2.5mm to 4mm. Lengths of extrusion grip the edge of the glazing material before being attached to the window frame or surround with screws. The screws are hidden with a slide in cover strip, and the corners can be mitred for a smart professional appearance. Click through for Superglaze Secondary Glazing details.

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Magnetglaze is a glazing and insulation system using a magnetic strip on the glazing that attaches to a metallic strip on the window surround. It is available in a standard 13mm width of tape for smaller or lighter panels, but for very large or heavy thick panes a 25mm Extreme version can be used. This simple, popular and effective product is easy to install, and can be supplemented with Magnetglaze Finishing Trim in two widths that smartens up the appearance to give a framed effect. Click through for Magnetglaze / MG Extreme Secondary Glazing details.

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Magnetglaze secondary glazing from tubeway
easyfix magnet glaze pro secondary glazing


Magnetglaze Pro and MG Pro Extreme are deluxe framed versions of the Magnetglaze systems, using smart rigid PVC capping with magnetic strip attached, to clip onto steel tape on the window surround. This provides a sturdy and visually pleasing finish. The Pro Extreme version is 25mm wide for thick, large or heavy panes, and for all others the original Pro version uses 13mm magnetic strip. Both Pro versions are easy to install. Click here for Magnetglaze Pro / MG Pro Extreme Secondary Glazing details.

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Magnetglaze Sash kits are add-ons to the popular Magnetglaze and Magnetglaze Pro products, enabling large panels to be jointed for more convenient window access and ventilation. Suitable for Magnetglaze and MG Pro standard and Extreme products alike, the Heavy Duty kit suits 4mm thick sheet for larger and draughty windows, while the standard kit is for smaller windows using 2mm thick glazing panels. Click here for Magnetglaze Sash add-on Kits.

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Magnetgalze Sash insulation jointing kits
easyfix magnetglaze flyscreen


Magnetglaze Flyscreen kits are add-ons to the standard 13mm wide Magnetglaze and MG Pro systems. Using the existing glazed panel for insulation most of the year, when the good weather arrives you can replace the panel with a fitted and sealed Flyscreen that uses magnetic strip to attach to the existing steel. Lightweight, smart and effective, Magnetglaze Flyscreen add-on kits are detailed here.

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Flexible edging channel in clear, brown or white which is easily mitred for a neat finish and held in place with the glazing sheet, by nylon clips that are screwed to the window frame. The Easyfix Clipglaze system is available in handy 5m and 15m kits, or with each component part separate, and is made in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm channel widths. Click through for Clipglaze Secondary Glazing Edging details.

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easyfix secondary glazing edging strip
easyfix easyglaze secondary glazing


Easyglaze is an alternative rigid 2 part diy glazing system that fixes to the window frame with double sided tape, and after adding plastic glazing sheet, a top section is press fitted to hold it in place and complete the neat and professional appearance. As with our other products, Easyglaze can be mitred to form a frame. Click through for Easyglaze Secondary Glazing details.

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Filmglaze is a sheet of thermal film that is sealed around a window using double sided tape. Once fitted the film is stretched by gentle use of a hairdryer to give effective and low cost winter insulation and draught proofing. Click through for Filmglaze Secondary Glazing details

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easyfix filmglaze secondary glazing
plastic glazing sheet from tubeway


Plastic glazing sheet works well with the secondary glazing products that we offer. The best sheet to use is Polycarbonate, because of its strength, but Acrylic is also suitable, as both are light, durable and very clear - they are available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thicknesses. Click through for Plastic Glazing Sheet details

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