Cut to size polycarbonate glazing sheets available to order online
Order cut to size polycarbonate glazing sheet online from Secondary DIY Glazing

Tubeway supply flat Polycarbonate glazing sheet, a clear extruded product which is the best choice of plastic sheet for secondary glazing purposes. This sheeting is "2UV" (has UV sunlight protection on both sides), is transparent (over 90% light transmission) and 200 times stronger than non-toughened glass despite being approximately half the weight. They are fire rated to BS476/7 Class 1Y, provide good thermal insulation and are resistant to chemicals. For a typical specification and factsheet on solid Polycarbonate sheet, read this PDF.

In addition to the Palsun tradename, Polycarbonate glazing sheet is known under several others, such as Makrolon, Lexan and Makroclear. The cut-to-size sheet from the link below and the sheets in our packs are provided with removable protective film on both surfaces.

2mm Solid Polycarbonate sheet is ideal for using as replacement panels in greenhouses, where glass, Styrene or Acrylic panels are much more easily broken. Although greenhouse panels are available in Polycarbonate Twinwall roofing sheet, these panels, although strong, are not glass clear and can spoil the look of a greenhouse. These panels are easy to fit and secure. Thicker Polycarbonate sheet can be used, but the strength of 2mm sheet makes this the best value option - contact us for more Polycarbonate sheet options.

palsun polycarbonate glazing sheet from Tubeway

Polycarbonate sheet can be supplied to you in three ways:

  • Cut-to-size sheets can be bought online from www.secondarydiyglazing.com, our sister site, simply by entering the correct measurements and adding to the shopping basket along with Easyfix secondary glazing and draught excluder products. Please note we are unable to process cut-to-size orders over the phone
  • Packs of standard sized sheets suitable for greenhouse panels for example. Details are in the table below
  • Polycarbonate Offcuts can be purchased in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thicknesses, in 10kg packs at heavily discounted prices. Every piece in these packs is minimum 300mm wide or high but they are generally bigger than this. Details also in table below

cut to size polycarbonate glazing sheet link
Product Code Dimensions (mm) Pack Size £ ex Vat
2mm Solid Polycarbonate
(Greenhouse Packs)
SP222 608 x 608 4 40.00
2mm Solid Polycarbonate SP242 1220 x 610 4 80.00
2mm Solid Polycarbonate SP244 1220 x 1220 4 160.00
2mm Solid Polycarbonate Offcuts SPOFF2 4.10sq m total 10kg 44.00
3mm Solid Polycarbonate Offcuts SPOFF3 2.75sq m total 10kg 44.00
4mm Solid Polycarbonate Offcuts SPOFF4 2.05sq m total 10kg 44.00
Buy Easyfix polycarbonate sheet online from Tubeway Sales

Why is Polycarbonate the best glazing sheet?

The biggest single factor in favour of Polycarbonate is its strength. To illustrate just how resilient it is, please see the video below, which includes break testing of Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Polystyrene sheets. There are other considerations however, and these are covered in our Glazing Sheet Comparison video, which is on our Glazing page. We hope that the information in these videos helps you make the right decision for your secondary glazing project.

Glazing Sheet Break Test Video

For purchases in New Zealand or Australia, please contact:

palsun polycarbonate glazing sheet £50 minimum order
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cut to size palsun polycarbonate sheet available from secondarydiyglazing.com