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Tubeway (Sales) Ltd have produced and supplied Easyfix DIY Products since the 1960’s. Over the years these have expanded to include many popular everyday products, which are always good quality, fit for purpose and in convenient packs. The range now includes many items used by tradesmen and home enthusiasts alike which are available from good hardware stores around the country or online here. Please feel free to continue browsing the range of products available on this site, with product pages including links to buy online or alternatively visit our sister sites at:

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easyfix aluminium extruded profiles


The Easyfix aluminium range includes extruded Aluminium Angle, in natural milled finish or anodised gold colour, Flat Bar with square corners, T section with straight stem and cap, Round Tube, Unequal Angle and Single Channel; all have sizes, dimensions, pack details and prices listed for your convenience.

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Our Bath Seal is available in both popular designs; Over Tile is fixed to the tile and bath edge surface, and features soft lips to provide a moisture seal; Under Tile is applied to the wall before tiling but protrudes to cover the bath edge, and seal with a flexible lip. Bath Seal Mastic is also available.

Easyfix Shower Seal is a clear profile that pushes onto the bottom of bath shower screens, to prevent water leaking over the side of the bathtub. Suitable for glass of 4-6mm thick, it is easy to trim to the exact size required.

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easyfix bath seal
easyfix carpet metals


Tubeway stock a wide range of Easyfix Carpet and Flooring Metals in different lengths and colours, of these types: - Carpet Edges, in 9 styles, accommodating different carpet types and carpet to vinyl combinations - Laminate Floor Edges, which edge or join wooden and laminate floors, allowing for expansion and differing edge presentations. All edgings are fully detailed and priced, and short Product Videos are included to illustrate the different Edges available.

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Easyfix Curtain products are made to universal designs and are strong and durable. Bulk packs are available, full pricing and pack contents are listed.

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easyfix curtain hooks and wire
easyfix draught excluders


The Easyfix range covers a full spectrum of Draught Excluders, for Door Frame, Door Bottom (Threshold), Window and Letterbox, with a wide choice of style, colour and cosmetic appearance. Foam strips, E and P EPDM strips, bristles, flexible blades and bubbles, flaps, and recently added is the Acoustic Smoke Seal, which excludes noise, smoke and heat loss for door and window frames - there is a Draught Excluder for every situation, all detailed and priced for your convenience. Short Product Videos are included, to help illustrate the different types and their uses.

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Product Range video on this page. Product Range video on this page


The Easyfix portfolio includes a number of useful components for tidying home DIY projects, such as Modesty Blocks / Corners and Caps, Levelling Wedges, Multihooks, Screw Covers, Shelf Supports and pre-drilled Hole Caps. Pack, colour and pricing information is provided.

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easyfix furniture components
easyfix glazing and roofing sheets


Tubeway stock and supply a wide variety of plastic sheeting for multiple DIY, home and building applications, all of which is described, priced and detailed:

  • Plastic Glazing Sheet - in different thicknesses of Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Polystyrene, suitable for secondary and security glazing projects
  • Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet - Multiwall and Twinwall sheeting with excellent strength, heat retention and clarity, in different sizes, with accessories
  • Corrugated Roofing Sheet - different thicknesses, sheet sizes and corrugations, both clear and opaque, with accessories

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Copper pipes can be covered and protected using Easyfix Pipe Covers, that are easy to fit and available in 15mm and 22mm pipe sizes, and single or double covers.

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easyfix pipe cover
easyfix plastic extrusions


Tubeway manufacture and stock a superb range of Plastic Extrusions, made from rigid and flexible PVC, in many diferent profiles, colours, sizes and lengths. Plastic Angles, Channels, Corner Joints, Capping, Edgings, H Sections, T Sections, Sliding Door Tracks, Electrical Conduit, Binding Bars Flexible Hose and much more, with pack details and prices all listed. Because of the size of the Easyfix Plastic Extrusion range, these are on a separate website, TubewayExtrusions.com, which includes comprehensive details of production tooling.

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Secondary glazing is very effective for heat and noise insulation, is affordable and easy to install, avoiding the mess and expense of replacing windows, especially for listed or conservation properties. Easyfix systems suit all situations - screwed or stuck down, magnetic, hinged or sliding, for sashes and casements, indoors and out.

Every product has an installation video and full instructions. The systems as a whole are explained in a comparison video that describes the basic features of each.

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Product Range video on this page. Product Range video on this page

easyfix secondary glazing systems


There are significant and varied benefits to Secondary Glazing. Heat retention, noise reduction, less condensation and lower cost are covered in detail and on video plus there is information on several less obvious benefits.

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Self adhesive Hooks are available in several styles for use around the home - just peel, stick and use. Tubeway also supply Easyfix Sticky Feet, for use as bumper stops and door buffers, and Sticky Pads for indoor or outdoor use.

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easyfix self adhesive hooks


Wigwam Climber Frames are rot-proof tubes that are pushed into the ground and tied together to create a frame for climbing plants, available in 2m or 1m sizes for borders and pots. They can also be used as hurdles to support bird netting over vulnerable plants.

Our new Trellis uses the same 100% recycled PVC tubes to fix to walls or fences and provide an ideal frame for climbers.

Easyfix Cloches are strong clip-together rectangular kits using UV protected Polycarbonate sheet and purpose made extrusions to clip together. The removable lid makes access simple and they protect against extreme weather, birds and garden pests. They can be easily flat-packed for winter storage.

Clear Polycarbonate sheets are also used for replacement greenhouse panes. Quick to install and virtually unbreakable, they are ideal for greenhouses vulnerable to kids games, vandalism and stormy weather.

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Product Range video on this page. Product Range video on this page


Tile Edge is fixed to the wall before tiling, to provide a uniform and attractive finish to a partially tiled wall. Easyfix supply Round Tile Edge, in 6, 8, 10 and new 12mm sizes, as well as Square Tile Edge for 6mm tiles.

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easyfix tile edge