Easyfix DIY Plastic Extrusions manufactured and stocked


Tubeway has manufactured, stocked and supplied Plastic Extrusions for over 50 years and has built up an expertise and range of products that is second to none. Specialising in rigid and flexible PVC Extrusions, these products are at the centre of our Easyfix range, and are popular for industrial, retail and home use alike.

The stock range of Easyfix Plastic Extrusions are so wide and varied that they are detailed on our separate sister site www.tubewayextrusions.com. Please browse the sections below for details of the products - you can click on the text to go straight to the correct page for details of price, colours, lengths, pack and extrusion sizes available.

In addition to stock details, the pages on www.tubewayextrusions.com contain details of our large library of Production Tooling, listed in size order, with comments, on each relevant product page. There is also a Miscellaneous Extrusions page that shows a series of drawings of more unusual profiles for which tooling is available. This page demonstrates the detail that can be achieved in Tubeway's tooling and production.

easyfix plastic jointing and capping
easyfix plastic scotia and quadrant
Easyfix plastic binding bar